Camp-Out in the Living Room

I don’t like using baby gates around the house. I find them inconvenient and I’d much rather just watch my baby boy closely when he practices going up and down the stairs than deal with having to open and close the gates every time I need to use the staircase. The times when I’m unable to keep a close eye on him, such as when I’m cooking in the kitchen, I tend to block the stairs with the coffee table. That, of course leaves a large open area in the living room. More often than not it does not remain so open for very long since my older two appear to be determined to fill any and all uncluttered spaces in our house with their stuff.

The other day the girls bought their throws and pillows up there from their playroom and started playing camp-out. Not long after my baby boy joined them in their game. He is pretty good at pretending to be nearly asleep. I wish he were as good at actually sleeping. But I’m sure that day will come also.

(85mm, ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/100 sec)

Camp-Out in the Living Room

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