Bird Game

The games and imaginative play my girls make up crack me up. It’s as if they never really get bored. I wish I could capture some of those moments with my camera and make “picture perfect” images out of them to share with the world, but most of them happen in places that make unplanned shoots rather difficult. And that’s how I end up with these technically highly flawed images, often taken with high enough ISO that pushes my camera to its limits, because, lets face it, I do not always have my flash handy at the “decisive moment” that usually happens in the relatively dim playroom. But, despite the apparent technical shortcomings of such images, I occasionally manage to catch an expression on my children’s faces that I’ll probably never catch again, and I just can’t get myself to hitting the delete button. Instead, I work on some of those photos in post and try to improve whatever I messed up in camera with varied results of course. Just like this one of my oldest daughter playing “birds.” I get it, it does not meet the bar of being a good photograph, but the expression on her face… I couldn’t let it go.

(85mm, ISO 1600, f/3.2, 1/80 sec)

Bird Game


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