When Illness Wears Us Out

My oldest started complaining about chills last night and, sure enough, she woke up with a fever this morning. Just a few hours later, my baby boy followed suit. By late afternoon they were both completely worn out and they crashed in front of the fireplace in the playroom. They were so cute, lying there side by side for about thirty minutes; after which my baby boy was back up full of energy, despite his 101*F fever.

There were three light sources, all with different color temperature – incandescent bulbs, window light, and light from burning logs in the fireplace – in the room when I captured this image. I normally find mixed lighting a drawback for creating a good photograph, but I think in this case it actually kind of works. The warmer light falls so perfectly on my kiddos’ faces and bodies while the cooler light illuminates most of the surroundings. It’s nice when they happen to lie on the perfect spot in the room.

(50mm, ISO 1250, f/4.0, 1/80 sec)

When Illness Wears Us Down

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