Morning after the Big Snowstorm in January

I got my latest two rolls of film developed and the scans were uploaded today. I’m much more happy with this round of photos than I was with last, although I clearly need much more experience handling the Mamiya RZ before I will feel confident about what I’m doing and the resulting images will (hopefully) become consistently acceptable if not good. But at least I had more than one image that I liked out of the 20 developed. I will probably be posting a few of the images over the course of the next couple of days, but I decided to start with the photo that I took outside the morning after the last big snowstorm we had in January. My choice fell on this one just because my blog is so heavily portrait oriented and it’s nice show off images of nature every now and then.

It was my first time trying Ilfrod Pan F. Since it’s a super slow film with its speed of 50, that exceptionally bright and sunny morning seemed like the perfect setup for trying it out. I was also rather curious to see how it will render all that whiteness in the snow and those bright highlights. This was the second frame I took and I it certainly didn’t disappoint. I focused on the bird feeder, so it is not the ideal shot to show off the dynamic range of the snow on film, but I love all the detail on the bird feeder and the almost glowing snow on top of it.

Morning after the Big Snowstorm in January

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