A Baby, a Young Child, and a Toy Camera

My girls are both pretty interested in cameras and taking photos. It’s clearly a learned behavior since they see me with a camera in my hands all the time. I gave my oldest her first toy camera as a present when she was two, and since then she’s gotten another toy camera as a present from her grandmother, inherited an old point-and-shoot from me (which later broke due to no fault of hers, I think) and received another point-and-shoot for Christmas last year. The toy cameras are now mostly for the younger two to play with.

The SD card inside of those cameras gets filled frequently since my baby boy likes to push the shutter at random so I often have to delete all those blurry images of who-knows-what to free up some space on the card. Lately I’ve been quite surprised to find a number of really interesting images that my middle child has taken. She seems to have a very good eye for composition and and you can see on the images that she clearly has taken some time positioned her toys in certain ways specifically to take photos of them.

I caught my baby boy and baby girl the other day sitting together in the gliding chair in the playroom with my girl trying to show her brother how the camera works. It was really cute and they were having a blast. I decided to try to capture the moment with my RZ. I’m still quite nervous taking photos with the camera knowing that if I take a photo and it turns out blurry or boring, I will have wasted about 2-4 dollars depending on the film I’m shooting, because from buying the film to having it developed and scanned, that’s about how much each frame costs me. So I take forever to focus and often miss the right moment. I think I managed to catch a sweet one here though. Image taken with Kodak Portra 800 film.

A Teaching Moment

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