The Before and After

I haven’t had a chance to pick up my camera much in the past week, so without having any brand new material to post, I decided to go back and edit an image from one of my shoots a few months ago. I decided to use it to show a before and after here. I was originally ok with how the image turned out in the camera, until I looked at it closely on a big screen and was absolutely horrified how by how my wig looks. There were pieces of hair sticking out everywhere, and my use of rim light only made it look worse. I know I could have done a better job cleaning off the stray hair in Photoshop, but I had only this much time to work on this photo tonight. And yes, there is more than just the hair that has been changed on the image. Once you clean one part of the image, it’s sort of hard to leave everything else untouched, so a lot of wrinkles – gone, pores – eliminated, shoulders – made to look a bit narrower, etc, etc. This is how everybody looks so perfectly pretty in magazines.

(50mm, ISO 100, f/10, 1/125 sec + 150ws monolight with beauty dish on camera right, 150ws monolight with 12×36 softbox as a fill on camera left, and speedlight for rim light)

The before:

Before and After 1

The after:

Before and After 2

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