Creative Rut

I’m in what feels like a creative rut right now. My photos seem to lack soul and be more like snapshots than anything even close to resembling works of art. I’m surrounded by these little adorable super expressive people and regardless how hard I try, I’m not able to convey all that adorableness to the world the way I would like to. I’ve probably talked about this in a previous blog post since I’ve felt this way for a few months now, but the feeling hit me a little extra acutely tonight when I realized that I had no nice or interesting images to post here.

Tonight’s image is rather ridiculous and a good example of the silly things I do when I am tired of my own photos. It all started with a random shot outside while testing an orange filter I got for my Mamiya. I wanted to try it out on my digital camera before using it on film to make sure that the filter does not affect image sharpness or overall quality. So here it is, straight out of the camera:

(85mm, ISO 100, f/5, 1/250 sec)

Creative Rut SOOC

The photo is super orange (for obvious reasons) and kind of boring, yet there was something about it that made me want to play around with it. First I changed the mood of the image to something darker and less happy looking. It was still boring. Then I did an overlay with an image from the most ridiculous texture collection I’ve ever purchased from Phlearn. I’ve been a fan of Phlearn for a while and most of what I know about using Photoshop, I’ve learned by watching their videos, and, as much as I’ve found a lot of their texture collections very useful, the “Lighting Effects” collection seems to be created by somebody high on something. Tonight was probably the first time I’ve ever used any images in that collection. That “post lamp” – or whatever you may call it – image got a prominent part in the otherwise empty middle-right side of my photo. The photo was still kind of boring. Then I filled the “post lamp” with an image of a firefly that I found on google image search. And that was not enough either. So I finished the photo off with a double exposure filter from Nik collection’s Analog Efex Pro on low opacity.

The final result – well, certainly not a great image, but it will have to do now that I’m in a creative rut and can’t come up with anything better.

Creative Rut

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