Self Portrait with Attitude

I had no idea what to name this blog post. I took this image at the end of a shoot for a completely different project. I wasn’t motivated that day at all, not even for what I went down to my studio to shoot. I was simply under pressure to get a project done before I had to pack away everything in my studio and convert the room back to a guestroom for my parents to stay in for their three-week visit (which I did happily, because I truly cherish every moment I get to spend with them – and they arrived tonight, yay!!!). Turns out the photos – both the ones from the original project and the “just because” ones – don’t look too shabby. Maybe I should shoot without any desire to shoot more often. Regardless, this image was still tough to name, but since I look kind of “attitudy” (I’m aware that that’s not a word) and I felt “attitudy” in the slouchy beanie and the straight long wig, I decided to call it a Self Portrait with Attitude. My favorite part of the image is the reflection of the beauty dish on the surface of the sunglasses.

(135mm, ISO 100, f/9.0, 1/160 sec + 150ws monolight with a beauty dish above and slightly to the left of the camera, and 150ws monolight with 8″ reflector on the floor pointing up)

Self Portrait with Attitude

4 responses to “Self Portrait with Attitude

  1. You are most welcome. You have a special talent both in front of and behind the lens. Not many photographers can pull that off as well as you do. Bravo!
    Maybe publishing a book for your family would be fun for your creativity gene. Like Blurb or Shutterfly.

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    • I’ve done photobooks before, although not of my self portraits, although it might be a good idea to do that, just for me. I usually use Adoramapix. Their books are of excellent quality and printed on real thick photo paper.

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