My Little Yogi

I picked up yoga and meditation practice when I was pregnant with my youngest and it did wonders to me. I was suddenly able to keep my calm when I normally used to get upset and freak out, not to mention the difference it made for child birth and my ability to tolerate contractions. After I had my youngest, I got too busy trying to take care of three kids and yoga took a second (or third, or forth, or tenth) seat in my life and I fell back into my old habits of stress turning me into a not-so-pleasant person. I picked up yoga and meditation again a few month ago and I have been taking a class in a yoga studio since late January.

I decided to also put my oldest in a yoga class at the same yoga studio where I go. She had probably heard enough talk about yoga and observed me do yoga at home that it has peaked her interest in the ancient practice, and she seems to really love going to her class. Most of the time, I drop her off at the yoga studio, and pick her up after her class is over, but I decided to stay there today to watch her and take a few photos of her through the glass door of the room she was in. I’m pretty happy with some of the images I took even though they are taken through a door and the quality of them leaves something to be desired. I captured her here during a game they played, a version of musical chairs, where they had to dance around and do a yoga pose of their choice when music stopped.

(85mm, ISO 800, f/2.5, 1/80 sec)

My Little Yogi

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