Cleaning Up Clutter

We hid 50 “eggs” filled with candy in our back yard for the kiddos to do a Easter egg Hunt yesterday. They had a blast, although out of the 50 eggs that my husband and my dad put out the night before, only 35 were found. I wonder what happened to the remaining 15… Of course I tried to capture this event on camera, but I find it very difficult to get good photos in our back yard. Somehow the background is always too cluttered. Especially for an egg hunt, where the kids tend to be really close to bushes and other things under or close to things that make for good egg-hiding places. There you can’t even really take advantage of shallow depth of field to make some of the background clutter less prominent.

This photo of my dad taking a picture of my baby boy asking my mom to open one of the eggs for her is a perfect example of that.

(85mm, ISO 160, f/4.0, 1/250 sec)

Cleaning Up Clutter 1

I like the interaction between people, especially my dad’s pose as he is capturing the interaction between my mom and my baby boy; yet this photo is too busy to be any good. I did not want to let go of it though, so I spent some time last night cropping and cloning, and doing whatever I could to save the shot. I removed the pool, patched the grass, eliminated the tarp in the upper right corner, the baby swing right behind my dad’s arm, the sandbox cover and the bucket on the side of the sandbox. I also did some dodging and burning on parts of the photo to lead the viewer’s eye to the subjects. I’m not sure the image is perfect still, but it sure beats the original.

Cleaning Up Clutter 2


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