My oldest daughter has a girl in her yoga class whose mom, older sister, and baby brother are always waiting in the yoga studio together. They’re probably either recent immigrants, or just long-term visitors to the area since they always speak German to each-other and their English has a very strong accent. I find the older sister’s looks really interesting. Not even sure why; maybe it’s the long and seemingly naturally curly hair that she has combined with the fact that she speaks German – a language I’ve always liked, but there is something about her that has made her memorable to me.

When I was taking pictures of my daughter at the yoga studio the other day, I turned my camera toward that German girl and snapped a photo. She probably didn’t even notice me taking that photo of her since she seemed to be fully engrossed in whatever she was reading on her cellphone. I wonder if she would have minded if she would have noticed…

(85mm, ISO 800, f/2.5, 1/80 sec)


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