My dad tends to get along with my babies much better than he does once they get a bit older. Probably because he has an easier time finding a common language with the not-yet-speaking children because of his very minimal command of the English language. It is really fun to see him interact with my baby boy and I got quite a few fun photos of them together from my parents’ most recent visit. The below photo is probably my favorite though.

I can’t really remember exactly what was going on when I took this photograph, but considering that the image that precedes this one of my CF card has my dad standing more upright with his hands stretched forward toward my baby boy, I can only imagine that my dad tried to call him over, to which my baby proceeded to make a very loud noise, probably trying to say “no,” since he often leans forward like this when he wants to make his voice louder. I’m guessing that my dad was simply trying to mimic my baby’s body language, making for a beautiful image, and a fun memory.

(135mm, ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/640 sec)


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