My Sister

It’s my sister’s birthday today. My sister and I have a bit of complicated history and we haven’t always gotten along great. I think the fact that we are more or less each other’s polar opposites has made it somewhat difficult for us to get along through the years. I’ve always looked up to her though. As a teenager, I thought that she was the coolest thing that had ever walked on this earth and I wanted to be like her… To the point that when she used to get cold sores here and there, I thought that even that was a cool thing, and I wished that I got one too. Until I actually did get one, and realized what a pain in those are to deal with. She was always the outgoing one and I was the introvert who never knew how to interact with people other than my closest friends. She’s still more of an outgoing person who loves people and crowds, and I’m still the introvert who prefers my own company over people’s I don’t know well. The difference is that I’ve found my own place in life and become pretty happy with myself, although I still admire her as a person. She’s amazingly creative and she has a really good heart. And she’s strong – she’s been able to pull through enough things in life that could have killed somebody else, literally.

I took this photo of her last summer when I was in Sweden with the kiddos. This image is the perfect representation of how I always remember her.

(70mm, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/160 sec)

My Sister

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