At the Dentist’s

My girls love going to their dentist’s office. When my oldest heard at the end of last week that her appointment was coming up, she got super excited and this morning she rushed into our room announcing how awesome it is that she has a dentist appointment today. My younger daughter kept on asking me what time it is this afternoon because she could not wait to go and pick up her sister from school so that we could go to the dentist’s.

For my younger daughter the excitement clearly stems from the fact that the dentist always gives the kids a token to use in a “toy vending machine” after they are done with the appointment. My oldest is pretty excited about that as well, but for her there seems to be more to it than just getting a toy. I think she actually enjoys the whole visit, oddly enough.

Regardless of their reasons, I’m glad they are happy to go. And, thankfully, their dentist does not mind me taking pictures of them while they have their teeth looked at.

(85mm, ISO 500, f/3.2, 1/320 sec)

At the Dentist's

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