Jump for the Camera

I spent the last hour of my sister’s most recent visit outside with her taking pictures of her with my Mamiya film camera. My kids never stay still long enough for me to practice focusing and getting the shots right with it, and my sister was absolutely perfect for that. She seemed to have endless patience for posing for me and I am endlessly grateful to her after two films full of shots that will be sent of to developing probably tomorrow.

She is a fashion designer, and often photographs people for her blog and instagram feed wearing her designs, and at almost every shoot she has people jumping at least on some of the photos. When I had filled every frame on those two films, I wanted to catch a few photos of her with my digital camera as well, and when I told her to do whatever she wanted to for the digital images, she wanted to – you guessed it – jump. It was probably a good thing that she did, since shooting fast moving subjects is definitely not my strong side and it gave me a chance to practice that one thing that I tend to avoid since I’m disappointed in the results almost every time I try my hand at it. This time though, there were some reasonable ones among the not so good ones as well. I’m quite happy with the one below; at least my sister is mostly in focus and the image is not blurry – it’s the first step in the right direction for me.

(100mm, ISO 320, f/3.2, 1/1000 sec)

Jumping for the Camera

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