My Brother-in-Law at Starbucks

I rarely get a chance to take photos of adult males since my husband refuses to be photographed and most other people I interact with frequently are female, so it was fun to have my sister’s husband around for four days. He seemed not to be bothered at all when I snapped photos of him whenever a good opportunity arose. Somehow I ended up with a lot of photos of him with a coffee cup in his hand. The below image of him at Starbucks on their last full day here is probably my favorite of him.

It’s a somewhat of a different experience post-processing an image of a male versus a female subject, and I was sort of stumped for a while after pulling the image in Photoshop about what I should do. Although this photo was ok straight out of the camera, the light on my brother-in-law’s face seemed kind of flat and boring and the background, although nicely blurred, appeared a bit too vibrant and overpowering. Not having much experience in editing male skin and faces, I was afraid of over-doing it and making his skin too soft and feminine-looking (granted, the idea of women being “softer” and “prettier” than men is clearly something society has taught me to think, not something that actually necessarily IS, so maybe I should have not worried at all) but I think the final image turned out quite acceptable.

(100mm, ISO 1250, f/3.2, 1/160 sec)

My Brother-in-Law at Starbucks



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