Feeling Down on Oneself

My sister posted an update on Facebook today that read that she is looking old and tired these days, and that it’s time to retire for her. She added a photo of herself to the post where all I saw was her accomplished, well put-together, business-womany-looking beautiful self. I’m guessing that she is feeling a bit worn out, having just gotten her fashion business set up and running, possibly still being a bit jetlagged from her trip here, and she is projecting her current state of mind on her looks, which then becomes something only she sees. Way to try to psychoanalyze my sister, right? Whatever is causing her to be down on appearance has certainly very little to do with what she actually looks like.

Her Facebook update made me want to work on another photo of her that I took while she was visiting us last week. I actually made a point of not eliminating any wrinkles in her face, although I did adjust shadows around some of the wrinkles that I don’t normally see in her face, just to make them look less prominent. I also evened out shadows and highlights around her eyes to something more natural than what my camera captured at that moment.

I bet if you tried to guess her age you’d get it wrong.

(100mm, ISO 1250, f/3.2, 1/160 sec)

Feeling Down on Oneself


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