Mamiya RZ 180mm VSF Lens and Expired Kodak Vericolor III

I bought three rolls of Kodak Vericolor III film that expired in 1994 from ebay about a month ago. The cherry tree in our front yard was in full bloom when I received the rolls and it seemed like the perfect subject for the first few frames on the roll. I decided to use the soft focus lens because I had this image in my head of an ethereally beautiful photograph of some of the cherry flowers that the combination of the mystical expired film and the lens would create.

I guess there is nothing really ethereal about the final image, but I like the colors and the slight softness of the blooms. I wish I would have used one of the discs in the lens, but I forgot that I had taken the f5.6 disc out previously, so I ended up taking the photo with no discs, but f5.6 aperture. I think using one of the three discs would have potentially given the image more of that ethereal look that I was after. Lesson learned I guess. As far as the expired Vericolor film goes, I exposed it at ISO 80 instead of its rated ISO 160 and that seemed to work out ok. And, as expected, there is a rather significant color shifting toward green; which isn’t as apparent on this image, but it’s much more visible on some of the other photographs on the roll. Some of the sample images from others having used the same film after expiration seemed to suggest color shifting more toward the blue scale, which I was kind of hoping that my film would do as well. but I suppose there is an inherent unpredictability with any expired film. Besides, shooting it indoors may give a very different result. I’m actually excited to use the other two rolls in the near future and try out different settings and lenses with it.

Mamiya RZ 180mm VSF Lens and  Expired Kodak Vericolor III

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