Relaxing with a Pedicure

I shot one of the four rolls of film that I most recently sent out to be developed and scanned at my oldest daughter’s birthday party at the Kids’ Spa a few months ago. It was a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 that I debated for the longest time whether I should save for developing myself or send out. Finally my fear of messing it up myself, considering that I am so new to this whole old-school business of developing and printing film and thinking that I may have had some important images on that roll, won and I sent the film out to a lab. I liked quite a few of the images on the roll, but my favorite was probably the one below that depicts four girls in a row – or should I say four girls’ legs in a row – being pampered by beauticians. It’s a pretty grainy image, partially because of the inherent graininess of ISO 3200 film, but partially because all the images on all my film rolls came out oddly grainy this time; even the ones taken with ISO 100 film. I love the film grain, but I could definitely do without the odd “lab grain.”

Relaxing with a Pedicure

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