Let me preface this by saying that I’m no nature photographer, but I do sometimes have the desire to capture nature. The resulting images are usually mostly meh – I somehow seem to have trouble seeing nature “from its best angle.” That said, I love the fact that we have a whole bunch of frogs living in our pond and I wanted to show them off on my blog, however captivating or boring the image may be.

Growing up we had a summer house near a tiny artificial lake. There were lots and lots of frogs there and every spring my sister and I captured some frog eggs and watched those eggs develop into tiny little little tadpoles and once the tadpoles developed legs we let them back into the pond. The frogs in and around that lake seemed highly trusting of humans and many of them did not mind being held, or just hanging out on our feet. I can actually still remember the feeling of having a big fat frog sitting on my foot. Needless to say, I have a special fondness of frogs because they remind me of those happy and care-free days of my childhood. And now we have at lease five of those green-chinned frogs, which I think are actually called green frogs, plus what I think is a bullfrog, in our back yard. Although those frogs certainly have a healthy sense of fear of humans, unlike the frogs of my childhood.

I had to sneak up on this one while he was resting on a stone and I got quite close before he jumped off. I know that the composition of this image is a bit off – part of it is because of where the frog was sitting and part of it is my inability to capture nature well – but there are some elements I do like here: the frog of course, and the reflection of the stone and the frog in the water, and the near stillness of the water.

(100mm, ISO 160, f/5.0, 1/500 sec)


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