Sunshine and Freckles

None of my kids have been blessed with those adorable freckles that their cousins on their father’s side have; unless you consider the whole bunch of them close together on my baby boy’s shoulder of course. But that’s not quite the same as having freckles in and around your nose. My oldest has a cool looking birthmark right at the corner of her nose and under her eye, but that’s about it. I love freckles and I’ve always wished I had them, and I’m projecting my wish for freckles on my children now, even though I’m sure that they couldn’t care less.

Last night I decided to literally “project” some freckles on my oldest one’s face on an image I took of her outside on a gorgeous sunny day at the end of last week. I had at some point downloaded a “freckle brush” for Photoshop from one of my favorite photography/Photoshop tutorial websites – Phlearn. I used that brush in combination with copying some freckles from her cousin’s face to make my daughter’s face slightly freckled. I thought it added a bit of character to her face on that image. I think I made it look relatively natural, but it’s sometimes hard to judge your own work. Here she is, my freshly freckled daughter enjoying the sunshine outside.

(50mm, ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/400 sec)

Sunshine and Freckles

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