Those Big Blue Eyes!

I loved the Canon 50mm 2.5 macro lens that I rented. I loved it to the point that I wanted to buy it out from LensRentals. But then something happened. More often than not, I use manual focus, but the few times I put it on AF the aperture blades ended up getting stuck every now and then and an “err” message showed up on the camera’s LCD. Something was clearly wrong with that copy of the lens, since I’ve never had it happen with any other lenses before. So back it went. And then I saw KEH having a deal where they paid 10% extra for certain used gear, at the same time that they had 10% off all in stock Canon lenses. I’ve owned a Canon 50mm 1.4 almost as long as I’ve owned Canon SLRs and it has served me well, but my copy had a pretty significant front-focusing issue and, even though the 1.4 maximum aperture is very handy to have when shooting indoors, the images at f1.4 left me often wanting for just a little bit more sharpness. I’ve lately only used it in my studio when I needed a bit wider angle than my 85mm 1.8 can give me. So off I sent it to KEH and got the 50mm macro instead, leaving me about $15.00 extra in my pocket.

I’m surprised that not more people are all about that 50mm macro – it has minimal distortion compared to Canon’s other two non-L 50mm lenses, unless you stick it up close in somebody’s face, of course, like I did in the photo below, in which case you’ll always get some distortion whatever lens you use; it is sharper wide open than the other two, it is cheaper than the 50mm 1.4; and it does 1:2 macro, which is plenty enough unless you want to have really up close photos of bugs, in which case you can buy the Canon life size converter, which will get you much closer. It must be the old’ish design and the super loud AF, I guess. I like my ancient lenses though.

Now about today’s image though. I almost named this blog post “Snot Happens.” My baby boy has had a runny nose for over a week now and on the original photo he had a giant piece of snot hanging out of his nose. After long deliberation with myself, I decided that it was maybe a bit too graphic to post on a public forum, so I got rid of the snot in Photoshop. His big blue eyes are still there though and as much as I usually prefer black and white images, this one lent itself well for color, and I added even a little extra color to it compared to the original. I like the blue effect on this image (and no, I did not use a filter or a preset for this – have I ever mentioned that I have a distaste for the millions of filters and presets out there. They can be great tools in making your images look more streamlined if you need that for a specific shoot, but more often than not they are used by people who have no idea how to properly use Photoshop and Lightroom, and by having the presets available to them, they are less likely to ever learn, because presets offer instant gratification and slightly better and sometimes a bit more “professional-looking” results than the same images straight-out-of-camera. Rant over).

(50mm, ISO 1000, f/5, 1/80 sec)

Those Big Blue Eyes


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