Little Lady

I think summer has finally arrived here. After about three weeks of rainy days, we’ve had several 80+ degree days in a row. Needless to say, I much prefer the rainy days and I am not looking forward to the summer heat and humidity. Nonetheless I’ve spent most of the past few hot days outside with the kiddos – they love being outside enough that I’ll tolerate the heat at least for a bit.

We have a patio set in our backyard that was left behind by the people who we bought our house from. We used to have that set first by the pool and then on our deck; neither of which was the ideal placement for them – by the pool it crowded out the tanning chairs and on our patio it took up too much room while not providing enough seating, or space on the table, whenever we had guests. This year I decided to move them over to the kids’ playset/sandbox area so that there would be somewhere to sit there while the kids are playing, but the chairs are cast iron and really heavy, so they are currently randomly left on the lawn by the pond. My oldest one decided to sit on the side of one while we were outside today and she looked so perfectly ladylike with her legs crossed, almost as if she belonged in a different century. Absolutely lovely. I’m glad I happened to be nearby with my camera ready when I noticed her.

(135mm, ISO 250, f/4.0, 1/200 sec)

Little Lady

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