Hats and Ice Cream

We went to Goodwill to drop off some clothes and shoes the other day and stopped to look around for anything interesting to buy as well. We ended up buying these huge orange/red/white sunhats for the girls; totally unnecessary purchase, but they really, really liked them, and they cost almost nothing so we splurged a little. My younger girl got tired of it pretty quickly, but my oldest had it on all day that day, and even wore it to school today.

At some point last night my oldest had it on while lying on the couch on her belly and eating an ice cream bar. The reading lights on each side of the couch were on and I absolutely loved how the light behind her made her hat glow and the light next/to, slightly in front of her lit up her face and ice cream bar. Unfortunately the room was still too dark, and, having to use my camera’s near max ISO, the resulting image is rather grainy. Trying to reduce the grain in post somehow didn’t work too well for this image, so I just left it as it was.

(50mm, ISO 1250, f/3.2, 1/50 sec)

Hats and Ice Cream

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