The No Photo Post

My posts here have been fewer in the past month than ever before in the the almost a year since I started this blog, and that’s not about to change any time soon. I’ll be going on a week-long trip to Washington State tomorrow and I won’t have access to any photo editing software there. Since I refuse to capture images in jpeg, I won’t have any way to make them view-able here even if I were inclined to post straight-out-of-the-camera images, which I’m usually not. It’ll be fun though, I’ll have some new faces to take photos of. And then I’ll come back with lots and lots of images and no time to edit the digital files or develop the rolls of film because just a few days after I’m back home, I’ll turn around and go to visit my family in Sweden for five weeks. I love traveling though, absolutely love it. Always have. Probably always will. Some day I’ll be back to my old routine of one photo a day on my blog. Some day…

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