Glamour Portrait of My Sister

I mention in my post yesterday that I did a shoot with my sister in a beautiful gold dress when I went to visit her. I’m falling more and more in love with the image below. I used barn doors as a light modifier for the first time for creating this image and, as much as I had always thought about getting barn doors, it wasn’t on my must-have list since I had never personally used them and wasn’t sure if they would really add anything to my lighting kit. After having used them once for this shoot, barn doors are now on the very top on my “must-have” list of photography equipment to purchase. They’re amazingly versatile for getting the light exactly where you want it to be.

As I mentioned in my prior post, my sister’s strobes were way too powerful for the small location so I used just the modeling light even for this image. There were two settings – “bright” and “not so bright” – for the modeling lights and I had one strobe in front of my sister on “not so bright” setting just to get a little bit of a sparkle in her eye, and the one with barn doors on “bright” behind her.

The set-up looked like this (clearly not taken exactly at the moment of capturing the below finished image. Photo courtesy of my brother-in-law):

Setup for Glamour Shoot

And here’s the final image:

(85mm, ISO 320, f/3.5, 1/100 sec)



7 responses to “Glamour Portrait of My Sister

  1. Have you considered rotating your final grade 90degs clockwise.. I think it’d work even better, with her ‘look’. Beautiful frame nonetheless.

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      • I think only you would find it obvious that the lady was laying down when the shot was taken, perhaps? Spot meter and low background detail renders it more than possible I think and the pose is lovely in either orientation.

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      • It’s always good to get somebody’s else’s perspective on your photos, after all, that’s the easiest way to grow. I really appreciate it!


      • I used to shoot a lot of portraiture and I can’t help but enjoy others work.. reminds me sometimes of what I missed last time out! Your work is very accomplished indeed. Probably not much more room for growth.. but good luck! 😉😉

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