When Being Stuck in a Hotel Room Gets Boring

On our last night in Seattle in the beginning of July, we stayed at a hotel at the airport. We checked in an our or so before the kids’ bedtime and they got a bit bored from hanging out with their mom and dad in a small room with no toys to play with. My middle child decided to entertain herself with looking out of the window and loudly announcing whenever she saw an airplane to take off or land. She was so concentrated that she barely noticed that I stood there with my big camera and took photos of her. This, of course allowed me all the time I needed to focus and compose a shot, which resulted in one of my favorite images.

I developed the film at home and the negative is absolutely beautiful – it’s properly exposed and developed, there appears to be a lovely range of grays in addition to pure blacks and whites and you can nicely read a printed text through the darkest parts of the negative. The digitized version does not to the negative a justice. I digitized it by taking a photo of it with my digital camera on a light table. Not only should I have used a tripod, but, at a minimum, I should have put the negative in my enlarger’s negative carrier to keep it flat. The digital version is slightly blurry and lacks the tonal range that was there on the negative, but it still shows off my daughter’s expression and the “mood” of the image and that’s good enough for me at the moment. One of these days I have to work up the courage to make a wet print out of that negative.


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