Shoes on the Beach

Last night I digitized a few photos on the three rolls of film from our Seattle trip that I developed right before I went to Sweden. Although the negatives looked quite good, seeing the positive images made me realize just how important colored filters are for black-and-white film photography, especially in gloomy weather outside. So, sadly, I had to do a bit more in Photoshop on those images than I normally need to do on my film shots. Of course, “a bit more” still only means playing around with curves and nothing else.

This photo of my baby boy’s shoes on the beach at Dungeness Spit is probably my favorite “still life” image on those rolls. It’s a partially set-up shot. By partially I mean, I noticed his shoes right next to the tiny hill on the stony sand and purposefully placed them next to each-other on top of the “hill” to compose the shot.

Shot with Mamiya RZ67 and 110mm lens on Fuji Acros 100, developed in Ilford DD-X for 7 minutes, agitating 10 times each minute.


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