Inside Vadstena Abbey Church (Klosterkyrka)

I was really excited to visit the Abbey Church in Vadstena when I was in Sweden. It dates back to 1430 and is really quite beautiful in its simplicity. I couldn’t wait to take photos of the inside with my film camera and I imagined them all to turn out beautiful on black and white film. Things didn’t quite go as planned though. The first problem was that it was just I and my mom there with three kids, including my baby boy. The Mamiya RZ is definitely not a quick snapshot camera – you have to slow down to compose and focus the shot to get it right – and my mom just couldn’t keep all three kiddos perfectly quiet and calm, as is appropriate in a church, to allow me to do that. The kids were all excited, having never been in a church before, and my little guy found a metal ramp and the loud noise it made while he charged up and down on it highly amusing to the horror of the rest of the people at the church. So all the photos I imagined taking are still right where they were before I entered the church – in my imagination. I got the total of four shots at the church, and the below is my favorite.

(Mamiya RZ Pro II, 110mm lens, Kodak Tri-x 400 pushed to 1600, developed in Ilford DD-x for 12 minutes)



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