Through an Open Door

Sweden is a lovely place where people can keep their doors and windows open in the summer and have their homes filled with fresh air. It is so darn hot and humid in Maryland that I’ve been able to open my windows five times total since early June. People can also sit outside on their balconies/patios in the summer without being drenched in sweat and unable to breathe, and it is more common than not that they do so. When I went to visit my sister, at some point my oldest daughter was sitting outside in a chair and the open door through which I could see her was so beautifully framed with a tulle curtain, and there was this wonderful contrast between the darker inside of the house and the bright sunlight outside (although not as pronounced as on the below photo), making the perfect setting for a photograph. The image turned out about as pretty as I envisioned it, minus the unfortunate drawbacks of long-expired, slightly fogged film that used to capture it.

(Mamiya RZ67, 110mm lens, Kodak Vericolor III film expired in 1996, developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab)


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