It’s OK to Photograph Your Cat

Taking pictures of your cat is apparently the start of a photography journey for many, or so I’ve read on the intertubes. There are also tons of tutorials online for anybody interested in making the best out of their cat portraits, alongside with writings by people who make fun of people who take lots of photos of their cat(s). I didn’t get serious about photography by photographing my then two cats, and I never practiced much using them as my subjects. Now I dearly wish that I had taken more photos of my little buddy kitty who passed away last year in June. So, I’ve deliberately taken more photos of my remaining one in the past year, and I spent some time earlier this year getting used to shooting with my Mamiya using him as a subject.

I developed a roll of film today that I hadn’t gotten to yet, that dated back to February of this year. I had completely forgotten what photos were on that roll, so I decided to use it as a test bunny for the Kodak D-76 developer that I prepared a stock solution of last night. For some reason having mixed my own developer from powdered chemicals made me nervous – it just seemed so incredulous that something I mixed myself would actually work – so this roll of film with unknown exposures seemed like the perfect film to risk in case the developer proved not to work. It did work, and the roll of film contained several of my practice shots of my sweet little kitty. My favorite is below. And yes, it’s OK to photograph your cat, even if you go a bit overboard with it. I know I will cherish those photos one day when he is no longer with us.

(Mamiya RZ, can’t remember which lens I used, but most likely the 110mm, shot on Kodak T-Max 400, developed in Kodak D-76)


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