Boy on Stairs

After a bit of a break, I shot for fun again with my digital camera today. My poor kids, they grow up always being chased by the camera, but I hope that some day, when they’re older, they’ll appreciate the tens of thousands of photos of them; or it’ll likely be hundreds of thousands of photos by then. Which reminds me – I really have to set aside some time to create photo albums. Nobody will ever want to go through the hundreds of thousands of digital files.

Anyway, my baby boy woke up a little early from his nap today and he walked out of the bedroom kind of confused. He walked down the stairs and sat down one step above where my baby girl was sitting and sort of stared out in the space for a while. That a little bit confused and spaced out look actually suits him very well I think. Sadly, since his sister was sitting on the step below making silly faces, I tried to not have her in the frame, and, as a consequence, ended up leaving a part of each of his feet out of the frame. I love his facial expression though, so up the photo goes with partially “chopped off” feet and all.

(85mm, ISO 1250, f/2.8, 1/125 sec)


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