Horses at Frederick County Fair

We’ve gone to the Frederick County Fair two years in a row now. The kids always enjoy it – the farm animals that they get to see and touch, the cotton candy they get to eat, and all the rides. Oh, the rides, each one of which costs anywhere from $3 – $6, and totally busts our budget for the month. But the kids love them, so they get to go on some… I wish they would just be content with petting the farm animals; like these beautiful horses.

I’m not a horse person. I have a healthy respect for them and think that they are majestic animals, but I’ve never shared the intense feelings of admiration for them that some of my friends did growing up. Horseback riding sounds like fun in theory and it always looks so easy and elegant when you see it on movies, but my one and only experience with horseback riding quickly made me realize that, as with everything else shown in movies, the reality rarely matches what you see on the screen. Or maybe the screen does match the reality to some, just not for me.

For some reason these two photos of the horses at the fair are my favorite of all the 12 frames I shot at the fair. Did I say that I’m actually not that into horses?

(Yashica 635, Kodak Tri-x 400, developed in D-76)



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