Crows in the Gloomy Afternoon Sky

We’ve had many rainy days lately. Lovely, lovely rainy days. The other day, when I was waiting for my oldest daughter’s school bus, the rain had just stopped and sun was trying to peak out in between the clouds. It made for a very interesting sky. I took a few shots of it with my camera on different settings, and I really liked the eerie feel that the camera added to the scene when I under-exposed the image by a few stops. Granted, it made the trees that frame the sun under-exposed to the point of a dark blur, and I should have instead taken a few shots exposed correctly for the trees from the same angle that I took the intentionally¬†under-exposed sky from to later combine them in Photoshop, but I wasn’t thinking that far at the time.

When I pulled my favorite image out of the bunch up on a big screen, I still very much liked it, but it was missing something. I sat on the image for a few days, until tonight it occurred to me that it was missing some crows flying on the foreground surrounding the sun peaking out behind the clouds. Thankfully, there are many photos of flying crows on google images that don’t have any copyright notice attached to them, so I ended up borrowing some crows and doing a composite of my original image.

(85mm, ISO 100, f/20, 1/1250 sec)


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