Portrait of a Cat

The days that I get a chance to capture images of my children seem to get fewer and fewer. Not because they’re not around, but because they have become so tired of me chasing them with a camera, that more often than not, the best I can get of them looks something like this:


If there were an audio to this image, it would be a voice screaming: “Don’t take a picture of me” over and over. On days like this, I end upĀ turning the camera to more willing subjects such as my cat. Admittedly, I think that he is adorable, and when he is super concentrated on something, he sits more or less frozen on the spot, making it easy to get a few exposures of him. This photo of him almost looks like a studio portrait on a black backdrop, but I have yet to bring any of my pets to the studio and this image was shot in my living room. The strong window light makes it easy to black out the rest of the room and still get a good exposure of the subject when they are facing the window.

(135mm lens with 25mm extension tube, ISO 500, f/3.5, 1/400 sec)


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