Mischievous Little Girl

A few weeks ago I finally got caught up with all the rolls of film I had waiting to be developed. I now have another few waiting, but that’s besides the point here. The rolls I developed last were shot at some point in Feb – April of this year, and there were some images there that I really liked. Two of the ones I liked the best were shot on ISo 3200 film. I really liked having ISO 3200 film available back then, but maybe not as much anymore, especially when I want to digitize the negatives. The grain is really in your face when digitized with the bare bones “take a shot of the negative on the light table with your digital camera” method. I actually do like film grain, and I think it adds character to darkroom prints (and makes them appear sharper) but the combination of ISO 3200 film grain and whatever little or a lot of digital grain my camera adds on top of that, is really not the same. I’ve decided that I much prefer the results of pushing an ISO 400 film a few stops to “straight up” 3200 film.

I have no memory of taking this shot of my middle child. I can only guess that she was sitting in front of our livingroom window on the child-sized armchair we used to have there, but I can’t even be certain of that. But her expression so perfectly summarizes her mischievous personality, that to me it’s priceless and I’m really surprised that I don’t remember capturing her like that.

(Mamiya RZ67, 180mm VSF lens, Ilford Delta 3200 film, developed in Kodak D-76)


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