My Little Man Watching “Dora”

I’m not big on letting my little ones watch TV. We have a movie night every Saturday when we all sit down and watch a kid-appropriate show, but otherwise I try to keep TV time at a minimum. Yet, when I occasionally have to go out alone, more often than not I come back home to find that my husband has turned on the TV and all kids are sitting glued to the screen watching some kind of a TV show. Over time, they’ve even gotten to the point where they have favorite shows. These days it’s mostly “Dora” for all of them. I suppose it could be worse, they could be liking “Sponge Bob” or a similar show full of fast moving images.

I captured this image of my little man the other day when he was watching Dora with his sister. And yes, this time it was me who turned the show on. I wanted to try out orange and diffusion filters on my Yashica and needed the kids to sit still for 20 minutes. Yes, TV makes for an excellent babysitter…

(Yashica 635 with orange filter, Ilford Delta 400 pushed one stop, developed in Ilford DD-X)


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