Little Fortune Teller in Moonlight

Each year I take my kids to Joann’s Fabrics and let them go through the pattern books and pick whichever costume they like. And then I spend a few weeks completely stressed out, sitting behind my sewing machine, cursing myself for taking on the project, because when all is said and done, I will have spent way more on fabric, thread, sewing notions, and embellishments than I would have had I simply had the kids pick a pre-made costume from the store. And, admittedly, I am not the most pleasant person while I’m stressed out trying to get the costumes finished. But then there is the pride I feel when I see the results and the happiness over my kids getting exactly the costumes they want made from fabrics that they have picked themselves.

To be honest, it wasn’t that bad this year. Yes, the supplies still ended up costing more than I would ever spend on a store-bought costume, but the girls picked easy patterns and I picked an easy one for my baby boy, and it only took me the total of four nights to make them. And they all looked adorable last night at my oldest daughter’s school’s Halloween party.

I tried to take some photos at the party yesterday, but the place was crowded and the lighting was flat and I was not really happy with any of them. I had, however, captured a shot of my middle child in her Fortune Teller costume from behind walking away from me, which gave me an idea for a composite shot on moonlight background. I found an image of moonlight at a beach online that seemed perfect for what I had in mind. Unfortunately, like most images downloaded from Google images, it was tiny – like 26kb tiny – but it turned out to be workable. It was my first time ever actually cutting out a person from one image and trying to place it on another. Thankfully, I had at some point long time ago invested in Topaz Lab’s “Remask” photoshop plug-in, and it proved to be tremendously helpful in getting a clean cut of my daughter from the original. Trying to then get the two images to blend well, especially since the background was such a tiny file, was really tough, but it did my best, and I think the result is ok for a first ever try.

Background moonlight beach image photo credit: Justin Kelefas from Justin Kelefas Master Photographer.


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