Pushing the Limits of the Canon 5D Mk I

I’ve been super happy with my very old Canon 5D Mk I (I’m aware that it’s not actually called Mk anything, I just want to make clear that I’m not talking about the Mk II, III, or IV). At times I have wished for it to have more megapixels so that it would be easier to get a good print even when I have to crop an image significantly, but overall it has served me really well. Tonight though, I was a bit disappointed when I looked at some of my images from this past spring where I had had to use it at its max ISO and less than ideal shutter speed for the lens I used due to low available light. Looking closely at some of the images that at first sight appear just fine, you can see the degradation of the image quality and the ugly digital grain that is hard to get rid of in post without loosing even more detail.

Maybe one day I’ll get my hands on the Canon 1Dx that will give me both a higher megapixel count and cleaner images at ISO 1600.

Here are two samples of high ISO and too-low-for-focal-length shutter speed of my baby boy. I like him on these, his facial expressions… I should have used one of my film cameras to capture these instead.

(85mm, ISO 1600, f/305, 1/60 sec)


(100mm, ISO 1250, f/2.8, 1/100 sec)


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