Studio Portrait of My Baby Girl

I got the rare opportunity to take a few studio portraits of my girls today. I took my oldest for the first time for a haircut at the hair salon where I get my haircuts and afterwards she was more than willing to pose for me. And, of course, my younger girl wanted to have photos done of her also, just because she saw me taking photographing her sister. She even sort of did what I asked her to do, which is very rare.

I tried out something a little different today. It had never occurred to me before to cover up part of the light coming from the beauty dish to change the look of the standard shape light hitting the subject. Although I need some time to play around with it to gain a better understanding of the effect it creates and how to get it to look exactly as I intend to, I was still quite happy with the result of my first try.

(85mm, ISO 160, f/5.6, 1/200 sec +monolight with beauty dish and 30* grid partially blocked with a flag on the bottom half on camera left, and a monolight with 40* grid and barn doors as hair/rim light)



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