Hiding – Before and After

I am completely swamped with photos that are waiting to be edited. We went to visit my in-laws in California this last week and right before I went on the trip I did a photoshoot for a friend’s extended family. Now I have all the photos from the shoot waiting to be completed and also all the photos that I took in California. And I need to come up with an idea for this year’s Christmas Card which needs to be done in the next week or so. So I do what I always do when I have photos I actually need to edit and get done quickly – I find one of my older images that never got put through post production and start editing that one for fun instead.

This image is actually not that old. I took it about three weeks ago when I first had a chance to play around with the ancient Canon 20-35mm 2.8L lens. My kids were being uncooperative so I ended up taking a few selfies just to test it. I had a very bad hair day and a very bad face day that morning. I was wearing no make-up and I had thrown on an oversized sweater because I was feeling a bit chilly. Taking close-up shots of people’s faces with a wide-angle lens rarely gives pleasing results because the most protruding part of one’s face – the nose – becomes exaggeratedly large. To combat the issue and to draw less attention in general to my “bad everything day looks,” I hid the lower part of my face behind the collar of my sweater for the photo. And I liked the results, or, rather, what I envisioned doing with the results. And I think the end product, after about a 30 min edit in both Lightroom and Photoshop last night, is kind of cool.

I decided to make this post a “before and after” post because sometimes it’s fun to see how a boring photo can be turned into a little less boring photo with the help of certain photo editing tools.

Cropped, but otherwise straight out of camera image:

(20-35mm lens @ 20mm, ISO 1250, f/5.6, 1/60 sec)



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