Can You Guess My Age – Photoshop Art

I had trouble labeling this blog post. I was even a bit torn about posting this image. It’s my young daughter who looks age-wise well beyond her years. My goal was never to make her look older or more mature than she is when I took this photo. She had just had her first professional haircut and she agreed to me taking a few photos of her in my studio. It was warm in the house so all my kids ran around in just their underpants that day, and she refused to put any real clothes on for the mini photo session. Instead, she saw this tulle fabric that I had used for a different shoot a few days earlier in my studio and she wanted to wrap that around her. I asked her to flick her hair to create some movement in the image. The result of this all – an image of my daughter where she looks more than a decade older than she is. But I love the shot, from an artistic point of view. It’s been through a few rounds of edits now and this latest one – sort of a more artistic version of it – is my favorite. It’s also the one that looks most like a piece of art rather than a photo of her per se. So I’m ok posting it.

(85mm, ISO 160, f/5.6, 1/200sec + monolight with beauty dish and 30* grid on camera left, a monolight with barn doors behind subject on camera left, and a silver reflector on camera right)


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