Best of 2016

Up until a few days ago I had been editing images on a very old 19″ 1280×1024 monitor, but I finally pulled the trigger on getting a new monitor. It’s not huge, but a 24″ 1980×1200 certainly appears very large compared to what I had. My problem is though that all the images I’ve done so far look really dull on this monitor. I have a Spyder Express color calibrator which I used to calibrate my old monitor and I used it for this new one as well, but not much changed. So now I wonder which monitor I should trust. I guess it’s time to make some prints so that I can compare them to what I see on my screen.

Anyway, I put together a “best of 2016” collage for fun tonight. It certainly isn’t the exclusive collection of all the images from last year that I really like. When putting together the collage, I had to pick images that I thought would work well together and that I could puzzle together well on one canvas since I didn’t want to crop all of them to the same shape and size. Anyway, I can only hope that the below collage is not looking too dark and contrasty, although it might, since I don’t trust this new monitor until I see proof that what I see on my screen matches what would come out of a professional printer.



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