Going up in Flames – Do I Hate it or Love it?

This photograph that I took about a year ago has bothered me for a while. There was something I really liked about it, but also something that was just drab and boring. I shot it with 2 second exposure with a monolight, and camera set to second curtain sync. I used a red background and moved from standing to crouching pose during the exposure which made it almost look like there were flames coming out of my head.

I’ve gone back to the image many times in the past year and never been able to do anything to in post processing that made it any better. Until now. Somehow turning the background black with curves while keeping the red color on highlights made it pop and added a level of mystery to it that wasn’t there before. I think I really like it, yet, there are moments when it seems just plain stupid to me.

(50mm, ISO 100, f/14, 2.0 sec + monolight with softbox)


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