Slow Shutter Speed Portrait of My Daughter

I’m a big fan of slow shutter speed portraits. I love the unpredictability of the resulting images when hand-holding the camera, and the slight softness that it creates for portraits when the camera is on a tripod. Last night my kids were watching Mary Poppins, which gave me a good opportunity to photograph them however much I wanted to, because they were like glued to the TV and didn’t object to the camera. My oldest one was lying on the couch with nice light falling on her and I took a few regular shots of her, which turned out to be kind of boring. Then it occurred to me to set my camera on 2 second exposure and move it around during the exposure to deliberately create a blurry images of her to add a little mystery to a regular TV-watching portrait. What worked best was to move the camera really fast up and down and then hold it as still as possible and lock on her for the last quarter of the exposure. My favorite image is below. I have to add that there was very minimal post processing involved to create this, mostly just minor adjustments to contrast and color.

(85mm, ISO 100, f/8, 2.0 sec)



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