Getting Creative with Somebody Else’s Image

I recently joined one of the numerous photography groups on Facebook. I regretted the decision almost immediately because it’s cluttering my newsfeed with about one new image every 10-30 minutes and it makes it very difficult to see posts from my real friends, who are the reasons I’m on Facebook to begin with. For some reason I’ve been sticking it out though – there are some really beautiful images posted in the group after all – and I’ve taken to stalk my friends by looking at their pages specifically every few days instead. I may still leave the group at some point though.

Anyway, somebody in the group posted an image today asking anybody to help her improve it. She needed the image for a cover of a cookbook that was going to be put together as a fundraiser for her church. This was the image she posted:


Nice little church. But the traffic lights and various other street elements really took something away from it. And then there is this significant lens distortion that makes the church look really crooked. I gave the image a spin in Photoshop, and this is what I was able to create for her:


But, for my own sake, I wanted to do more with it, so I continued, until I had this – a gloomy night scene of the same image. This made me happy.



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