My Crazy Rig and Unusually Patient Little Girl

I made a post a little while ago about the Fotodiox Pro adapter that makes it possible for me to use my Mamiya RZ lenses on my Canon digital camera. I hadn’t used it for a while, but I needed a pick-me-up, to do something a little different with my camera, so I decided to use my Mamiya RZ 180mm VSF lens with it. The whole thing looks really ridiculous and unbalanced with the large and heavy lens in the front attached to a comparatively small “barrel” to the camera. It is front heavy and the focusing ring, which is on the adapter, is kind of stiff and difficult to move while trying to keep the camera steady. I’m constantly afraid that the front-heaviness of the rig is going to damage the lens mount on my Canon. This is what the set-up looks like.


It’s over a 1000g of lens up there in the front! Oddly, I do actually enjoy using it once it’s all set up. I love the challenge of getting the focus right and the images that this combo produce are amazingly detailed. I can never tell what settings I use though. I may be doing something wrong, but the only way I’m able to control the aperture, is by turning the part of the adapter that has “Fotodiox PRO RZ67 – EOS” written on it. Turning that part gradually closes down the aperture blades of the lens, but there is no indication of what f-stop you’re actually using. The camera has no way of communicating with the lens.

I had nothing really interesting to shoot the day I was using this, so I asked my little girl to “pose” for me for a little bit. Normally her answer to that request would be a resounding “No,” but for some reason, she happily agreed this time. I took a few shots of her lying on the floor until my baby boy decided to climb on her back an pull the bottom of her dress, which is made of tulle, over her head. The tulle so perfectly framed her face and she so very patiently continued to allow me to photograph her. She even turned her face toward the window exactly how I wished she would for optimal lighting of the image. I owe her a big thank you for this.

As I mentioned above, I used the Mamiya RZ 180mm soft focus lens. I know I had the disk #2 in the lens, but I’m guessing that the aperture was small enough that you can’t really see the soft focus effect on this photo. It’s a beautiful lens with or without the soft focus effect.


4 responses to “My Crazy Rig and Unusually Patient Little Girl

    • Thank you! I enjoy shooting with the combo every now and then even though it usually slows me down more than any all manual film camera ever does, or maybe that’s why enjoy it :). Seeing a photo that took some time and effort to get right come out well gives me a very special sense of satisfaction and pride. Glad you liked it!

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      • I’m actually all for a system that slows me down. The whole process of making the shot in mind before even touching the controls is second-nature I guess. When it turns out not how we wished it to, think it through and go again. Who needs a fast system? The camera is after all, just the tool we use. Yours is certainly working for you! Every reason to be satisfied, Anneli.. 🙏😉

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