Tilt-Shift Portrait of a Friend

I had lunch with my only local friend today, and I had to try out my rented 90mm TS-E lens on her. She is always happy to have me take pictures of her so I made sure that I brought my camera with. While this picture clearly shows that I have a lot to learn about how to best use the tilt-shift function of the lens appropriately, I really like her expression and the window light illuminating her face. I should have probably tilted the lens in the opposite direction, and definitely used smaller aperture, but it is what it is. This only makes me want to get better at using it to my advantage.

(90mm, ISO 160, f/3.2, 1/320 sec)


5 responses to “Tilt-Shift Portrait of a Friend

    • Thank you, Chris! I’ve had so much fun with this lens, but unfortunately it will have to be sent back to the rental company in a few days. I am determined to purchase one of these one day though, as soon as I sell a few of the lenses I currently own.

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      • You’re welcome. Have you tried it out on buildings and other tall structures? I hear that’s another of its strong points. I’ve never used one and a vintage mint to excellent condition Canon FD TS is still crazy expensive.

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      • I haven’t tried it on buildings yet – nothing really tall or interesting around here – although I know that that’s the original purpose of tilt-shift lenses. Once I get my own copy, I’ll definitely venture out to try it on things where “lines need to be straightened”. I think the FD versions of the tilt-shift lense are much harder to come by, which is what drives the prices so high. I once actually bid on a Canon AE-1 on Ebay that came with the 35mm tilt-shift lens. I think it ended up selling for around $600.00 – way out of my price range for an FD mount lens.

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  1. I agree unless you make your living photographing buildings or are in real estate. There’s a FD Canon TS 35mm f/ 2.8 SSC with case, caps, filter, mount and hood for $853.75 in France listed now on eBay – plus $37.01 for shipping. Looks like a TS and the 15mm fish eye will stay out of my Canon collection for the foreseeable future.

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