The kids and I have been going for little walks around our neighborhood for a few days now. It’s been hard for me to convince them to go for walks with me, and I gave up for a while – what started out as a nice stroll in the fresh air, more often than not turned into “When are we going to get back home?” “I’m tired,” “I don’t want to walk anymore,” “Carry me,” etc., etc. With Valentine’s day approaching, they’ve suddenly become really eager to come for walks with me because they want to find things outside to put on cards they are making for my husband and I, for each-other, and for their friends.

There is a out-of-character house for our otherwise plain and stereotypical 1960’s suburban neighborhood a few blocks from us. Part of it is very old – from late 1800’s I think, and it has been added on what seems like at least twice over the course of the years. The house is on a 5 acre property and yesterday the kiddos and I noticed a little “forest path” right next to it. It was behind an evergreen “fence” surrounding the house and, although it probably is a part of the property belonging to the house, I decided that, because of the fence, it would maybe be ok to go and explore the path a little bit. So we went back there today. There were lots and lots of fallen trees on the path for the kids to climb on and have fun. At some point my oldest daughter got a bit tired and sat down leaning on a tall tree stump and I took this photo of her. Sadly, it’s a bit poorly framed – I wish I would have left a bit more “breathing room” right in front of her on the image – but the way the light falls on her makes it a keeper for me, despite the not so well thought through framing.

(90mm, ISO 100, f/3.2, 1/640 sec)


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