My Daughter, the Selfie Artist

My oldest one inherited my old point-and-shoot camera when she was almost five years old. That camera stopped working about six months into her playing around with it. By no fault of hers, I believe. At that point, the camera was nearly ten years old, and one day the lens would no longer retract and the camera would not turn on. She’s on her third camera now after I broke her second by slamming my car’s tailgate door shut on it. Last night we went through all the photos she has taken over the past two years and picked some to print and and put in a photo album. It was really interesting to see that she has actually improved quite a bit over the years. Most of her more recent shots are seemingly quite deliberate, and there are way fewer of them than there were in the beginning.

About a third of her photos are selfies. And they’re actually quite good, many are much beyond the standard “hold your camera at arms length from your face and snap away” kind of selfies. While she does create some of those as well, she also likes to play around with the self timer on her camera and strike a pose. I particularly liked one that she had taken in Sweden this past summer in my parents’ patio doorway. She wrapped herself in the sheer curtains hanging in front of the door and posed in a really beautiful way with lots of backlight. With her permission, I played around with it in Photoshop a bit and the result is below.


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